Flexible hose catalog

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Gas hose EXAGAS® - NBN EN 14800 - DN12 MxF 1/2" - 435015
Stainless steel flexible hose EXAGAS for gaseous fuels: natural gas, LPG
Standard EN 14800 - Type Rht NBN EN 1775 - Comply for Belgian standard NBN D51-003
With Yellow protective sheath
Flexible hose for drinking water Saniflex®-AL ACS DN25 with stainless steel couplings AISI316L - 404025IN
Flexible hose Saniflex-AL for the connection of water meters, water softeners and pumps.
EPDM flexible hose with stainless steel braiding - DN13 - M x F 90° - 418013C
Plumbing & heater hose, all lengths on request
Gas hose INGAS® INOX - NBN EN 14800 - DN12 MxF 1/2" - 425015
Stainless steel flexible hose INGAS for gaseous fuels: natural gas, LPG
Standard EN 14800 - Comply for Belgian standard NBN D51-003
Type Rht NBN EN 1775 - With grey protective cover
Gas hose Netherlands - Gastec QA - Standard EN 14800 - DN12 - 2 x Female M24 with NBR gasket - 445015
Reinforced stainless steel gas hose for gaseous fuels, such as natural gas, LPG
Standard EN 14800 - Compliant for the Netherlands - Gastec QA certificate
Equipped on each side with an M24 anti-twist swivel Female coupling with gasket.
For connecting fixed or mobile gas appliances such as stove tables, ovens and gas stoves.
Flexible hot air duct hose AEROCLIMA® HV - 546HV
Flexible duct for hot air
Temp.: -20°C à +90°C
Diameter: Ø 150 à 900 mm
Gas hose INGAS® INOX DN20 MxF 3/4" - AGB/BGV 91/01 - 425020
Natural gas stainless steel hose with transition sleeve (female) ISO 7
Compliant with the technical specification of Belgian ARGB 91/01
Resistant to high temperature (type Rht) - Certificate KBGV C-18-3792-A
According to the norm NBN D51-003 (pressure <200mbar - MOP inside buildings: 100 mbar)
TI25 F4/4xF4/4 - EPDM with SS Braid: REF 418025-1
Plumbing & heater hose, all lengths on request
Rubber expansion bellow with loose flanges - 413FSFB
Rubber expansion joint for axial, lateral and angular movements, with loose flanges
Choice between different elastomers: EPDM, NEOPRENE, NITRILE, HYPALON, VITON
From DN25 (1'') to DN300 (12'')
Length: 130mm
Suction and ventilation hose in conductive PE fabric - AEROCLIMA® CLIP PE-EL C70 - 542010070
Electrically conductive PE film hose Ro ≤ 10^6 Ω for air intake and transport.
Made of polyethylene (PE) fibre with a PE coating on both sides.
Set with a galvanized steel spiral band.
Very flexible, lightweight and highly compressible (1:6).
Surface resistance Ro ≤ 10^4 Ω
Temperatures from -20 °C to +70 °C.
Suitable for the extraction of chemical vapours.
Reinforced PVC flexible hose INPLAST-AL - Foodgrade quality - 208
Food grade flexible hose made of transparent PVC reinforced with a textile braid.
Operating pressure at 20°C = 15 bar < 35 mm int. / 12 bar < 32 mm int. / 10 bar < 40 mm int. / 8 bar < 50 mm int.
Tolerances from +/- 0.2 mm to +/- 0.5 mm depending on the diameter.
50 meter roll
Flexible hose that can be rolled flat - firefighter hose type HD - 229HD
Abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber hose NBR, flat-rolled, resistant to atmospheric, chemical and hydrocarbon agents.
Working pressure: 15 bar / 220 psi
Temperature from -20°C to +80°C with short peaks at 150°C.
Complies with NFS 71-112 standard for fire.
Used for water backflow, sewage, waste water, also in industry, mining, shipbuilding.
EPDM flexible hose reinforced with SS Braid - DN25 - F x F loose nut - 4180251
Plumbing & heater hose, all lengths on request
Groundwater sampling flexible hose in polyethylene (LD-PE).
- Detection of soil pollution
- Determination of the level of contamination
Available in different diameters.
SUCTION HOSE AERODUC® PU PUR H-AS DN40 - flexible hose assembly with KAMLOCK TYPE C
Technical suction hose connection system / Abrasion resistant suction PU hose / Food version also available
Stainless steel flexible hose - M x F - fig 340 : 400-003 NBN EN ISO 10380
SS AISI316L flexible hose with SS AISI304 braid.
TIG welded stainless steel fittings