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Electric Junction Box Aluminium: REF 100653
Junction boxes made of aluminium alloy EN AB 46100 in conformity with EN 1676, oven-cured epoxy resin finish.
Complete with AISI 304 stainless steel screws.
Temperature range: -25°C until +90°C
Many different sizes: (Internal size)
90x90x53mm / 128x103x55mm / 154x129x58mm / 178x155x74mm / 239x202x85mm / 294x244x114mm / 392x298x144 mm

Manufactured in compliance with CEI EN 60670 and CEI 23-48 standards
System protection in accordance with EN 60529 standard: IP66/67
Impact resistance in accordance with CEI EN 50102, Rating: IK07
Electrical Properties: Electrical continuity guar􀀐anteed